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Staying Safe In The Sun

Staying Safe in the Sun

Stay safe in the sunshine…


We all know about the dangers of the sun, but we all think skin problems happen to someone else, don`t we?


Tanning is skin cells in trauma, trying to protect themselves from cancer! Just one damage cell can start a melanoma growth just 1mm deep which can enter your blood stream and spread. It can take years to develop and can appear in other parts of the body…There’s nothing healthy about a tan!

According to cancer research 86% of skin cancer cases were preventable…


A) UVA rays are all around us, all the time, even white lights and screens, including phones. `A` stands for Antioxidants, an essential sunscreen ingredient. Antioxidants help to minimise UV Ray damage that penetrates sunscreen filters.

B) UVB rays are burning rays – Our advice is to apply sunscreen before breakfast. Then 20 minutes before you go before you go into the sun, this way the sunscreen protection has time to absorb into the skin. Please be vigilant and remember to reapply regularly.

Chemical sunscreens absorb the radiation from UV rays, neutralising their damaging effects.

C) UVC are cancer rays. Our advice is to choose to include a daily dose of Vitamin A and an Antioxidant supplement.

Reflectants such as titanium dioxide found in mineral make-ups reflect rays and scatter energy causing them to bounce off the skin.

I hope this helps?

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